About Receipt Bank

What Receipt Bank does

Receipt Bank’s aim is to remove the burden that bills, receipts and invoices place on businesses.

Working with bookkeepers, accountants and businesses directly, Receipt Bank has developed its software and service to make the gathering, storage and processing of bills, receipts and invoices as easy and as cost effective as possible.

Processing receipts and invoices the old way

Historically, inputting data into your accounts payable was a manual process.

Every purchase your company made, meant somebody sifting through piles of receipts and invoices, inputting numbers into a spreadsheet.

Even with the introduction of cloud accounting software, people continued to manually input receipts and invoices - wasting hours of their time.

Now there's an alternative and businesses worldwide are turning to Receipt Bank's receipt and invoice software.

Here's how you should streamline your accounts payable process...

But first, what is Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank's receipt and invoice software is used by businesses, accountants and bookkeepers worldwide to automate their accounts payable.

Clients send us their receipts and invoices, in which ever way suits them and we extract the important data.

Once that's done, we send that data to their cloud accounting software or provide them with downloadable spreadsheets.

Process your receipts and invoices before they hit your desk

You're probably used to dealing with your receipts and invoices once a month or even once a quarter.

But you really should be handling your receipts and invoices before they even hit your desk.

Receipt Bank's receipt and invoice software gives you the tools needed to do precisely that.

Whether that repeat email invoice from a monthly supplier or a one-off taxi, Receipt Bank has a way to process your receipts and invoices swiftly.

Your Unique Receipt Bank Email Address

Every subscription to Receipt Bank's receipt and invoice software comes complete with a unique Receipt Bank email address.

This email address means you can get all of your email receipts and invoices into Receipt Bank without ever having to lift a finger.

Simply, provide your suppliers with your @receiptbank.me email address or create a forwarding rule and as if by magic, your items will arrive in Receipt Bank, ready for data extraction.

Your Receipt Scanning App

Receipt Bank's Receipt Scanning App, available for both iPhone and Android, is the quickest way to get those fiddly receipts into Receipt Bank whilst on the move.

The smartphone app lets you take a photo of your taxi receipt before you even leave the backseat of the cab.

Simply snap a photo and Receipt Bank does the rest. The photo is pinged off to Receipt Bank and the receipt and invoice software extracts all of the key data for you, meaning you get a real-time glimpse of your accounts payable.

Exporting Your Data

Once Receipt Bank's receipt and invoice software has streamlined the process of handling your receipts and invoices, you need your data.

In Receipt Bank you have the following options:

  • Set up automatic publishing to your cloud accounting software
  • Download to a spreadsheet or CSV file or create an automatic expense report
  • Share with your accountant or bookkeeper and grant them access to your data